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The words “Rhapsody” says it all about us “a piece of music that has no formal structure and expresses powerful feelings”.  We the Rhapsody will provide the quality and world class music to all our  student. We will bring out the best of the talent and encourage every of our student to achieve their goals in music field.  Rhapsody aims to provide a space where every of our student feels happy and motivated to learn.  We  pride ourselves with  highly   experienced, qualified and committed tutor to provide the best. Rhapsody is all about providing a free-flowing thought and structure. A desire to spontaneously and continuously inspires other.

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With Legendary Vinnie Moore, guitar virtuoso and the God of guitar. Instrumental rock guitarist and the member of hard rock band Alice Cooper and UFO.

With Jennifer Batten a session musician and solo artist, a former Michael Jackson lead guitarist in

With Jennifer Batten a session musician and solo artist, Michael Jackson lead guitarist in all three major Michael Jackson's world tours. Her work was given the "She Rocks Icon Award" in January 2016


With Neil Zaza, one of the best instrumental guitarist who has become well known for his technical accuracy and adaptation of classical works by Bach and Mozart.


Be an inspiration

To be closer to your goals, embrace each day as an opportunity. Nothing is impossible if you have strong  determination and hungry for success. Human tendency kick in when the more you accomplish the higher you want to go. Always have power within yourself to achieve what you want and be an inspiration to others.

Embrace Your Passion


If music is your passion, take time to embrace you love the most. It’s never too late when it comes to music, as Hans Christian Andersen rightly said “Where words fail, music speaks.”